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Prepareathon! Actions for Spring 2015 (NOV-MAY)

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as of 12:00 p.m. E.T. January 21, 2015

Institutions of Higher Education

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ResourceDescriptionDownload LinkActions
Playbook Available for five community sectors, these provide an introduction to the benefits of participating in America's PrepareAthon! and explain how to use America's PrepareAthon! tools and resources. Download View
Prepare Your People for Hurricane Safety- Institutions of Higher Education These day of action guides are tailored to each sector and audience. The guides provide step-by-step outlines for conducting a day of action by holding a preparedness discussion and simple drill. Download View
Prepare Your Organization for Hurricane Safety- Institutions of Higher Education These day of action guides provide step-by-step instructions on conducting a tabletop exercise designed to help organizations test their plans, policies, and procedures for a disaster. They are tailored for each hazard and audience. Download View
Be Smart-Know Your Alerts and Warnings This document outlines alerts, notifications, apps, and other resources available by location and by hazard. Download View
Be Smart-Protect your Critical Documents and Valuables This checklist outlines documents that would be needed after a disaster to get on the road to recovery. Download View
Resource Catalog This Resource Catalog provides an overview and examples of the easy-to-use information resources, branding materials, and promotional materials that are available to download and use in implementing and promoting a day of action. Download View
Checklist for Your Day of Action This checklist provides a comprehensive list of suggested activities to help plan for and hold a day of action. Download View
Participant Feedback Survey This survey can be used to gather feedback from participants about day of action activities. Feedback from participants will help identify areas to strengthen in preparedness planning within your organization. Download View
Certificate of Participation These certificates can be customized and provided to your day of action participants. Download View
Hurricane Organizational Tabletop Exercise Customizable PowerPoint for Institutions of Higher Education This Organizational Tabletop Exercise Customizable PowerPoint template accompanies the Prepare Your Organization guide to assist you in implementing a TTX within your organization. The customizable PowerPoint templates are available for each hazard (Flood, Hurricane, Tornado, Wildfire) and each community sector (Community-Based Organizations, Houses of Worship, Institutions of Higher Education, K-12 Schools and Workplaces).  Download View

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