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Prepareathon! Actions for Spring 2015 (NOV-MAY)

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as of 12:00 p.m. E.T. January 21, 2015

Why Participate

America’s PrepareAthon! enables individuals and organizations to prepare for specific hazards through informative presentations, group discussions and activities, and tabletop exercises. Organizations have tremendous influence on their members and constituents when it comes to preparing for a disaster. For example, when employers encourage employees to be prepared for disasters, employees are 75 percent more likely to take action. And with more than 63 percent of the U.S. population aged 16 or older in the labor force, the workplace is one of the most effective environments for educating and encouraging people to take steps to be ready for disasters.

Participating in America’s PrepareAthon! will benefit your workplace or community organization by helping you to:

  • Increase knowledge of safety policies and procedures;
  • Build morale and trust by demonstrating a commitment to safety and well-being;
  • Enhance organizational coordination and communication on preparedness and continuity of operations;
  • Reduce a disaster’s effects, including injury and loss of life, property or inventory damage, and financial loss from business disruption; and
  • Strengthen relationships with local emergency responders and community leaders to reach a common understanding of community risks, needs, and capabilities.

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