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National Prepareathon! Day Participants

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as of 2:00 p.m. E.T. August 14, 2014


How to prepare for a wildfire

Be Smart

The first step in being prepared is to know about the hazards that can affect you where you live and work. Wildfires can occur anywhere in the United States. To learn more about wildfires and what you should do to protect yourself and your property download the How to Prepare for a Wildfire guide.

How to prepare for a wildfire

Take Part

Take action now to prepare! You can plan a National PrepareAthon! Day in your community through your workplace, school, house of worship or other community organization. It is easy and inexpensive to participate! Download the Playbook for your organization and then download the companion Prepare Your People and Prepare Your Organization for a conversation guide and an organizational tabletop exercise scenario.

How to prepare for a wildfire


When people talk about preparedness, they are more likely to take action, so start the conversation! America's PrepareAthon! offers customizable promotional materials to make your National PrepareAthon! Day unique to your community or organization. Materials available to you include posters, banners, logos, e-invites, and more!

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